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Arts and Crafts Cookie?

Trying out dresses for our dinner date tentatively booked for August, while lording it up on Cookie’s best eBay find to date. A sumptuous mohair chaise lounge by @georgesmithfurniture, which he bought me to celebrate the babies (shared) birthday this year. This is probably the longest time I have had the chance to sit on her, I’m thinking maybe we should move her down into the front room, but sticky baby fingers…

People often say that they have either a ‘modern’ house or a ‘period’ house, I would describe our house as ‘everything in between’. It’s has design cue’s from all the periods that have come and gone during its 110 year existence. Our bedroom is pretty authentically Edwardian though, with William Morris everywhere and a vintage bed from 1910 when the house was built. The wallpaper (out of shot) was even printed from the original wooden blocks unearthed from William Morris archive as part of a TV documentary. It’s funny because when we made the film @mrgeorgeclarke joked that Cookie looked like William Morris. Swipe to see… I never saw it at the time, but now his beard has grown it’s hard not to agree… what do you think?

Lets ’s get dressed!