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Ask for help

Ask for help

In order to get anything done, I need to ALWAYS ask for help. If there’s a tight deadline to produce content for a brand I have to plan well in advance.

Today I asked Cookie @simoncook get up early to set up the shoot before he started work, and I asked @jessicaejoseph to watch over little D and Sausage whilst Cookie took the shots during his lunch break ( THANK YOU JESS, THANK YOU COOKIE) A whole load of help and organisation for 60 seconds of video for a reel. I love LOVE the opportunity to get to work in a creative capacity, but the juggle is a juggle.

Supporting a favourite creative, doesn’t have to cost you a penny. If you’ve genuinely enjoyed it, engage, comment and continue to share to a wider audience. This was taken this afternoon, a little behind the scenes, completely out of my comfort zone, but always determined to give it all a go!

Please share below your favourite accounts. I’m trying to get organised and allocate a little time to find new accounts and appreciate the accounts I already follow.

(and as always thank you, thank you!)