The life and times of Sophia Cook and the Cookie's of Cook

**Bun- Bun

Bun Bun is ABCs favourite comforter, he cuddles up to and helps to calm him when he’s unsettled. Yesterday I lost Bun Bun… But thanks to same day delivery she was replaced before ABC even knew she was gone.

If you ever come across a sodden fur toy, or a stray kiddies shoe in the street, be sure to perch it somewhere high and visible so that the frantic parent/carer can find it when they reverse to search. You could save them from having a sleepless night.

ABC, didn’t notice one bit that it was a replacement. My guilt has passed from loosing his best companion. A piece of advice I chose to ignore was invest in two of the same favourite teddy in the event one goes missing… take heed, and avoid that frantic moment of despair