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Driving instructors advice...

Driving instructors advice...

(driving instructor) says:

“Focus on what’s in front of you, yes continue to glance at your left mirror this is the view of what’s behind you, but to drive is to use the full windscreen, focusing on what’s ahead of you.”

Every lesson I’ve come away thinking how much of his teaching can be applied to life. I’ve got to give credit as he’s certainly helped me to pass my theory test two weeks ago!!

Now to pass the practical.

For anyone undertaking lessons right now in the UK, get your theory test booked as soon as possible as there continues to be long delays in getting test dates.

And practice, practice hazard perception section of the theory. 2 out of 14 of my test videos were disqualified due to over clicking out of sheer nervousness.

( here’s to driving a car as well as steering the double buggy - aka the tank)