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It’s been a busy weekend of chores, work, and driving lessons. So today’s #showyoursundaybest is the wonderful image taken by @helencathcart for the Clever @getclever /Architectural Digest @archdigest feature.

What another family portrait? I honestly cherish every single one of them, I cannot stress enough (from experience) the importance of capturing a memory - your future will thank you for it… I wholeheartedly encourage you to take more pictures. I recently discovered a new photograph of  Mum 20 years after she passed away and it felt like the most precious gift.

Be your own photographer and don’t delay. When was the last time you took pictures of your loved ones and had them somewhere to see other than on your phone/desktop?

On a separate note - thank you for all your messages regarding the Clever/Architectural Digest feature… it’s really given us food for thought.