The life and times of Sophia Cook and the Cookie's of Cook

*It wasn’t the house we thought we wanted

Apparently it’s a thing to want to move house, undertake refurbishments ahead the arrival of a baby - “nesting!”
This is exactly what we did, only the moving in was delayed which meant we had ABC before we moved in. The house needed a lot of attention and work! This house wasn’t my first choice being heavily pregnant. But it’s what we could afford... so got grateful and decided it was the best thing for family.
Refurbishments are underway whilst I try and get the ropes of being a new mummy - my only job!! It’s frustrating not being able to stick my boots on and oversee and manage. But my priority is ABC, who I think is oblivious to what’s going on? I’m fortunate to have had the support of my friend Suzy who gave me the keys to her house whilst she was on holiday. We are on the move again as the house needs to be torn apart before it gets better. I have to admit that this feels like one of the most ridiculous challenges to date!

Keeping a daily diary to remind myself of my stupidity and not to do something like this again