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Its the shortest...

Its the shortest...

It’s the shortest I’ve had my hair in a while. Sometimes a change is exactly what you need, this will take some getting use to but it feels cathartic to let it go. Those dead ends weren’t healthy so needed cutting off. Could be said about a lot of things in life ;)

Loving what you see in the mirror isn’t being arrogant, it’s vital to love yourself, all of you. I have often hidden behind large glasses and a big afro, without them I have to acknowledge all the things I’m not comfortable with.

I’m not expecting all my personal insecurities to disappear, but letting go of something I‘ve been safely tucked behind is encouraging me to love, respect all of what I see looking back at me in the mirror.

Afro hair, cheeks, and legs are my favourite features that I’ve always felt most comfortable with. Which of your features do you like the most and what do you know needs to be actively celebrated more.