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Show your Sunday best

Show your Sunday best

I bought this dress 10 years ago! It wasn’t my size, the belt was missing, the hem had come down, but I vowed to take in and hem it myself. It was a fraction of the original price, I knew it was a bargain and just couldn’t leave it hanging. I never made the alterations and it’s been packed away unworn for years.

During that time my body has changed, I’m glad I never got round to taking it in, it’s now the perfect fit! There are times when I feel like throwing out anything that doesn’t fit, but there are also times like today that I’m thankful that I held onto to it a little bit longer.

Here’s to secret hoarding, respecting, accepting the changing shapes of our bodies and wearing what you like feeling fabulous in your Sunday best.

Have you an item of clothing you’ve not yet been able to part with?

(No afternoon naps for the children day Cookie was kept occupied with shelve designing and clean up after lunches. The dress got covered in tomatoe sauce, which is standard)

Lets get dressed