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Sunday thinking

Sunday thinking

When I’m asked how I’m feeling, I give the same answer, it feels like a fog is gradually lifting. Life for me has changed quite rapidly over the last 2 years, I’ve been in a constant state of busyness, and pregnancy.

Then along came 2020… We welcomed the arrival of the latest Cookie member. I have gone from being responsible for only myself to sharing responsibly for a family of five (if you count sausage the dog) in such a short time.

At first I felt that being a mum, my new role in life, meant that I was the least important person, at the back of the queue. My role is to take hares out of the bath and be a human cushion for when ABC launches himself from the armchair. Family comes first and all. But that’s not entirely true. Whatever stage of life you’re at, it’s important to make time for you, wouldn’t you agree? I tell myself daily not to give up on the things that make me Sophia.

My role in life has changed sure, but isn’t it always changing? Look how far we’ve all come from our misspent youth (I can’t be alone on this one), all the things we’ve learnt and constantly learning. There’s still a solid chunk of the old me left, there’s just lots of new bits bolted on top.

Here’s a thought - isn’t it better to be the person you want to be, not the person you think you should be?