The life and times of Sophia Cook and the Cookie's of Cook

Show your Sunday best

Show your Sunday best

Welcome new and familiar faces. Since January we’ve been getting dressed up once a week for #showyoursundaybest and photgraphping ourselves around the house. Our quest to reacquaint ourselves with our wardrobe, and touch base during the children’s nap time. Today I’ve chosen our favourite outfits so far with some facts about us that you may or may not know.

#1. I really didn’t want to buy this house, I was 6 months pregnant and we’d already put in an offer on a house that didn’t need much work. But Cookie was resolute that this was going to be our family home and I was too tired to argue.

#2. I studied theatre design originally, before falling into building management and construction management. 20 years on, it’s fun to using that creative part of my brain again.

#3. We met each other on a dating app. Got engaged 3 weeks after our first date, got married on the first anniversary of our first date. No messing about.

#4. I’m learning to drive with my theory test fast approaching.

#5. Cookie was in a traffic accident on his driving test, it’s wasn’t his fault but it was a funny enough story to make the front page of his local newspaper.

#6. I love music permanently wedged between 1960s - 2010, . I like to communicate through the lyrics of songs.

#7. Cookie loves walking, up mountains and across continents. He took me on a walking holiday once, but I only lasted 4 days… I don’t really have a head for heights it seems.

#8. I worked in clubs in my 20’s - 30’s and if you remember KOKO as Camden Palace and the nights at the End and Bagleys, there’s a good chance we met.

#9. Cookies a northerner and I from Home Counties, now Londoners (ish)

#10. I’ve completed 3 marathons (so far).

Over to you, introduce yourself below and your intresting fact about you… welcome